Website & Visual Branding for words of motion

For words of motion by Anna-Lena Behringer, I created a fully custom visual branding and website. The website was developed using the Divi theme on WordPress.

With its bright colors, watercolor textures, and patterns layered as collages, this branding and website is a unique piece of art, reflecting Anna-Lena’s positive and artistic nature.  As she works in branding herself, it was important that her own brand would be one of a kind.

The logo was kept very minimalist and simple, as this would function universally and not take away from the bright design of the website. The icon within the logo consists of the letters W and M, but also symbolizes waves, a universal symbol for motion.

Central to the design of the website was to both present Anna-Lena in a very personal style, but also to visualize her focus on “brand identity – brand strategy – brand content,” which is a red thread throughout all three main pages of the website. The three shapes of this visualization can also be found in the patterns of the collages.

The collages are used to highlight pictures and visually create natural divisions between sections. Ample white space ensures that the colorful and asymmetric design stays spacious and clean.

Anna-Lena also received all source files of the collages, so she can easily use them in graphics for her social media. This gives her the basis to creating a well-rounded brand with the same look and feel throughout all platforms.

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