Website & Visual Branding for Strejferne



This project brought the Strejferne walking club online presence and branding into the 21st century.

The logo was quite outdated, which made it necessary to update it to a simple and timeless word-mark, which can be used both on the website, and on the member magazine. 

Strejferne is a walking club, which is very nature and family connected. While the old logo was very blue-based, the club was actually using t-shirts in green and the old website used bold shades of green. The new color design uses a bit more modern green shades, paired with earthy brown tones that play into gold. 

The old website was hand-coded with html tables in the 90s. Updating it with events and current content was difficult, to say the least, and mobile optimization did not exist. The new website was built on WordPress with Divi, is mobile optimized and will be easy to update for the club volunteers. 

The main focus of the new website was to showcase both events and regular practices, which is why the upcoming events are prominently featured on the starting page.  Clicking on the events will lead to more detailed descriptions, such as where to sign up or the program of the event.  The plug-in ‘the events calendar’ was used to add the event functionality. 

Furthermore, the website also has a section for a member magazine, which is part of a blog. The magazine is displayed with the plug-in 3D FlipBook. 

The project was heavily supported with some coding work by Martin Hoffman Larsen of to customize the stylings of the event listings. Martin also supplied the project with many Danish puns for the headlines. 

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