Visual Branding for TSG Heilbronn Lacrosse

The Lacrosse Team of TSG Heilbronn was in need of a new logo, as the old one did not convey what city the team belonged to and did not visually show what sport the team plays. Lacrosse is still a very new sport in Germany, so including a stick in the logo was very important. An illustrator had drawn a full body eagle for the team, however, it was decided that the design was too detailed and looked too mean. 

I took the original eagle design, used the head and created a logo out of it paired up with lacrosse sticks that I drew myself. The colors of the logo were set to be blue, red and white according to the club and city colors. The shades of the colors were chosen to be strong and bold.  

The team also needed a variation of the logo that could be used together with the club’s logo and without the eagle. The eagle head itself and the stick can be used as accents on graphics and team wear. Furthermore, a variation of the logo included the slogan “We want you” for advertising material to acquire new team members. 

Social Media Graphics

Most of the marketing the team does is on social media, so having a consistent branding across the channels was very important.

I created a title image for the Facebook page that contains the most important info, title images for events that can easily be adapted and posts to announce games. 

They were all created in Canva so that the team volunteers can later easily adapt the templates and use them for all their needs coming up. 

Print Material

The team also promotes itself and its university sports course with a stand at several in-person events. It was important to create flyers and business cards, but also posters to hang up at the university. Furthermore, I created a beach flag and a backdrop for the pavilion and team wear.  

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