Visual Branding for Sleepless in Copenhagen

Sleepless in Copenhagen is “about everything, something, and things that are amazing. It is a place to share thoughts directly from my brain”  

Sleepless in Copenhagen was originally a podcast by Martin. He had not done anything on the project in a year or two but recently started to blog about his thoughs again. I suggested that his blog should really be under Sleepless in Copenhagen, as it fit the theme, which ultimately got this branding project rolling. 

While Marty thought the idea of night light should be included in the branding, he otherwise gave me free reign on the project.

After a review of night illustrations, I ultimately decided to use a stylized skyline of Copenhagen with a night sky as the theme. While it is not necessarily obvious at the first glance, the background is in the shape of a brain, following Marty’s description of writing about everything that is floating around in his brain. 

The illustration was completely hand drawn, using my laptop’s stylus and Adobe Illustrator. The font was originally only in all capital letters, so I edited several of the letters to be lowercase letters for ‘sleepless in.’ I also customized a few letters in ‘Copenhagen’ to fit the layout. 

There are two main versions of the logo: one rectangle version that works well e.g. on the website and a square version that works well on e.g. social media profile pictures. The third logo version is for use as a badge. I also used the stars from the logos to create patterns. 

The color palette is optimized to work well on user interfaces. It consists of a light color, a dark color, main accent color and two highlight colors. While the red is not reflected in the logo, it will be the main accent color on the website.  


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