Visual Branding for Peta Armstrong

Peta really liked arrows and the Playlist Script font, which is available in Canva and therefore easy to continue to use for visual branding.

While the font is used quite often, I moved, varied and morphed some of the letters to make the logo unique and better readable.

The main logo is a wide version, as this is easy to use in website headers etc. However, I also created two badge versions of her logo to use in instances where a wide version is not convenient.

The forward pointing idea of arrows is always a great symbol to use. The arrow by itself can easily be used as a design element as a divider or to highlight things in graphics and on the website.

The custom endless patterns are great for backgrounds, both in web and print design and can also be adapted in color.


Would you also like to have a VISUAL Branding that really fits YOu and what you would like your brand to convey to your customers?




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