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Logo Redesign
Color Palette
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I modernized the logo for Hof Kahrs, a dairy farm and horse boarding stable in Northern Germany, to include both branches of the farm in the logo and make the logo more versatile.  


With the old logo from 2003 including two horses but no cows, it needed updating to represent both sides of the farms specialization, which also gave Hof Kahrs the opportunity to modernize the logo.




Give the logo a more modern and simplified look


Keep the hay rack, as it is based on the hay racks at the farm and would keep the logo recognizable


Include a cow to represent the dairy farming


Color Variations
The design
  • A modern and clean font modernizes the look of the logo and gives it a more timeless look
  • The general hay rack layout was kept to keep the logo recognizable, but instead of two horses the logo now features one horse and one cow to represent both the dairy cow and horse boarding parts of the farm
  • To overall make the logo less busy and more cohesive, I reduced the amount of lines and details, and equalized the line thicknesses 
  • The general colors of the branding are natural and with a touch of elegance to find a balance between representing farming and also appealing to the customer base of horse owning women
  • The icon with the hay rack and the animals works well on its own, for example as a favicon. The circular logo is variable to be used with outlines (for example as a stamp) or filled in (for example as a sticker) 

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