PDF Freebie for Anna Neon Eva

This PDF freebie for Anna Neon Eva was a re-design of her existing freebie that she had created in Canva.  It was designed together with a second PDF, which was a fillable workbook.  As the designs were made in Canva, she is able to use these existing two designs to create new workbooks herself.

Anna had the mandala for the cover image and wanted to include it as a central design piece. Further, based on her name it was very important to her that the colors would be bright and bold, including the turquoise that she had been using in an even bolder hue beforehand. The hue of the turquoise had to be slightly dimmed to make it readable in the amounts used in the workbooks.  I had creative freedom with the fonts and created a new branding style for her headlines and subheadings. 

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