Landing Page for Red Clover Advisors

Are you freaking out because of GDPR yet? Jodi Daniels of Red Clover Advisors hosted a workshop on how to make your business GDPR compliant.

I designed & built the landing page with Divi on WordPress, created a Thrivecart check-out and designed social media graphics and sharing images.

Her website had already been built on WordPress with Divi. I used the general idea of her branding and how her website was done to create this sales page.

The copywriting was done by Emma Collier of The Yes And Story. We worked very closely together to make her words fit the visuals to really convey this complex information in an easily understandable way.

Thrivecart is a very nice shopping cart system that has a lot of options like split payments, affiliate URLs and an easy integration with Jodi’s email system. Most importantly, it allowed for a required checkbox for the terms and conditions and an optional checkbox to be signed up to marketing emails. The latter was a huge deciding factor, as Jodi was not able to use certain other systems for their inability to make them GDPR compliant.

The other visual elements like the link sharing images, Facebook page and group covers etc. were all designed to entice potential customers to click and get more information.

Would you also like to have a Landing Page that perfectly fits your brand AND visually conveys what you are selling?




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